Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting

Lighting is an amazing tool

Please note: The lighting that we utilize for your event is not “DJ Lighting”, it is Professional lighting – designed and operated by a seperate lighting technician who works closely with you in identifying and customizing your specific lighting preference.

With lighting, we are able to personalize your venue to suit your specific taste and style by adding dimensions of color in order accentuate the details of an otherwise plain looking space. Lighting can also be used to beautify your venue, bring attention to specific areas of a room as well as to take away attention from other areas. Lighting is an art and a professional lighting coordinator is an artist who will work with you in crystallizing your vision using colors and and a variety of lighting tools.

You have a lot of flexibility when using lighting. By allowing our lights to serve as the primary source of illumination for the space, our intelligent-lights will add a glow of color to the room, or you may just wish to use up-lighting for creating a nice ambiance. When executed correctly, lighting can add an elegant and festive touch to your room without making it look “cheesy”.

Although we do keep some stage-lights in our shop for memories, these are no longer used by Seward Park Tech. We have upgraded our equipment to LEDs. What does this mean for you? More savings, more control and even brighter colors. LED lights use significantly less power than stage lighting, can be computerized and are smaller than theater lights. Lighting and special effects will help make your Wedding memorable, and your photos will look amazing.

These are just some of our Lighting Upgrade Options we currently have, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

FDA approved variance to operate High Powered Laser – We currently hold an approved variance by the FDA to operate our High-Powered Laser for an amazing laser light show. This is required for a lighting company utilizing high powered laser lights.

Fog/Smoke- Our smoke Fluid is safe and is made using only pharmaceutical grade chemicals pre-approved by the FDA. We use the same high-grade fog utilized by movie studios and theater production companies.

Projector or Flat-Screen for photo montage display- A photo montage is a great way to present your photos or videos to your guests.

Confetti Cannons- Confetti adds a festive and colorful feel. During some weddings, We have replaced confetti with flower petals.

Uplights- We cannot say enough great things about uplights. You can technically change the color of the entire room with strategically placed uplights or add a soft glow to certain areas.

Pin-Spots- Need to highlight a centerpiece? Or a beautiful Wedding cake? Pin-spots is your answer.

Gobos- Create your Gobo from scratch using any font and design that is meaningful to you and your loved one.

Silent Snow Machine/Bubble Machine- Use a high powered snow machine and/or bubble machine to your first dance for an incredible effect. Your videoss and photos will look amazing.

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