Wedding Procedures

The highly anticipated wedding day is riddled with milestones and ‘firsts’. If there is one aspect of one’s wedding day that cannot be done haphazardly, it is picking the right wedding song. Doing this right can completely make the wedding, or keep it from being the best day possible. Wedding songs, from the melodies used to walk down the aisle, to the song used to introduce the newly ordained husband and wife, all the way to the first dance as a couple, and the father daughter dance must not be taken lightly. Music stirs up emotions, and regardless of whether or not you normally listen to a certain artist or genre, it is important to take into consideration what will fit into the artistry of the wedding’s theme and components, so memories of your wedding are eternally pleasant.

There are many classic tunes for wedding ceremonies and receptions, timeless records that will continue to be first picks as wedding selections. Country favorites like ‘My Best Friend’ by Tim McGraw to R&B timepieces like ‘My All’ by Mariah Carey and ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston will surely bring tears to the eyes of those watching. Ultimately, it is a must to choose a song, whether it be for a couple’s first dance, or for the bride and father of the bride, that says what you want to say and will evoke the feelings and emotions you want to experience on that special day. You will never forget it.

Wedding procedures #1

Ensuring the wedding day runs smoothly from start to finish is a daunting task. But if you have a strong and decisive friend or wedding planner in your corner, you can never go wrong. Accepting the proposal is the easy part. From that moment of engagement, the floodgates are opened and your mind is instantly consumed in everything wedding until the catering hall has been booked, cakes has been picked, and dresses have been fitted. So when the long awaited day finally arrives, there is little room for mishap. Every second counts from when the bride wakes up and prepares to arrive at the place of the ceremony.

The morning is bound to run smoothly if all parties work together and there are minimal squabbles among friends and relatives, so everyone gets to the church on time. The priest, reverend, rabbi, or ordained minister marrying the couple must also make themselves available for questions that may be asked by the couple, regarding church and/or site procedures adhered to, in order to be able to fully accommodate the needs of the bride and groom while respecting the terms given to use said location for the wedding. In preparation for the ceremony, a rehearsal is crucial for all wedding party participants, regardless of the perceived simplicity of the wedding ceremony, so all members of the wedding party know when to move and where to move to come that special day. Order is essential in ensuring and smooth and fondly remembered wedding ceremony.

Wedding Procedures #2

So the wedding ceremony is finally done and went off without a glitch. Now it’s time to head to the reception to eat, drink and dance the night away. Or is it? In the situation where the wedding ceremony and reception are not immediately before and after one another, how does the wedding planner assist in making sure the guests are comfortable and happy during that often unsettling time of intermission?

The convenience of having the ceremony and reception in the same location becomes quite apparent when part one completed and guests are patiently waiting for the evening festivities to begin. Cocktail hour is becoming a frequently incorporated event at weddings, in order to give guests a chance to recharge and regroup, whether it be with a light drink or by snacking on mouthwatering hour’s d’oeuvres and mingling with friends and relatives not seen in ages.
It is crucial to know the balance and essence of the cocktail hour, because there are still hours of eating, drinking and partying, soon to be underway. The last thing one wants to see are guests already stuffed from finger foods served during the downtime or allowing guests to down as many glasses of wine as they desire to. This is why it should be just enough to calm the distractions of hunger, but still leave ample room for the entrees that will soon be served. This will definitely ensure satisfied guests when it is time to begin the reception and enjoy the night.

Wedding Procedures #3

The arguably most important part of a couple’s wedding day, are the pictures. Soon enough party favors will be given out, and the guests and well-wishers will go home. All you will have left to remember this day are the photographs taken to capture the feelings and emotions expressed on that highly anticipated day. Choosing a widely recommended and respectable photographer is essential in this aspect. A great photographer displays unparalleled professionalism, and possesses the ability to accommodate the needs and personal preferences of how the wedding couple wants their pictures to turn out. With the number of weddings that take place every year, there is no specific time when the wedding party must take photographs on that day. Some may decide to have it as the first activity on the agenda, so everyone knows they have been done and it is now time to focus on the rest of the day.

Other couples prefer wedding pictures immediately after the ceremony, a time when guests can be entertained and occupied during their cocktail hour. In taking photographs, it is important to be stern in getting shots that will matter to the couple years later. While guests may want a personal picture with the new couple, time must be respected as well as the wishes of the bride and groom. When it comes to wedding photos, the most important are the couple’s photos alone and the pictures with family. These are memories that will be cherished for as long as possible.

Wedding Procedures #4

The ceremony has happened, pictures have been taken and cocktails have been served. Now it is finally time to let loose and enjoy the night as the newest married couple in town. While the agenda of a reception can be a little more flexible, it still helps to have some order to ensure that activities still take place smoothly. Highlights of the night like the first dance of the couple, the commencement of the father-daughter dance, and the long awaited cutting of the cake all add to the day’s fun and light mood of all those in attendance. When it comes to the music chosen for the wedding, it must be pleasant and enjoyable for all guests, regardless of age and personal taste. Toasts to the bride and groom should be short and sweet, while evoking emotions of joy, optimism, and genuine happiness for the new couple. Throwing of the bouquet and garter should be done tastefully and lightheartedly, in order to facilitate the continued flow of an enjoyable wedding reception.

Party favors are the couple’s distinct way of showing gratitude to all those who came from near and far to witness their union as husband and wife. Favors should be unique and functional, while simultaneously bringing back fond memories of the wedding to the person who receives them for as long as possible. It is by following these guidelines, while incorporating your own personal flavor that all participants of the day will come away with smiles on their faces.

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